Growth Is A Journey

Transparency Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time for me to get back to writing. I just haven’t felt like a writer lately. My husband simply told me to “get to it.” So I did just that.  I slowly started compiling a list of things to write about but I needed an extra boost. Like the typical writer, I decided to pull some old documents and work on those. It’s not a secret anymore that writers build and work on old, old, old documents all the time. It’s how we become better! But on to my story…

So here I am going through an old e-mail address that I no longer use. I came across an e-mail that I sent to a friend in 2006. Boy, oh boy, did I have a flash back. It’s a serious revelation to see this simple conversation bring so much thought. I was reminded of my journey. All the things I’d been through and how I arrived there became important as it was part of my journey. I was far from a list of things: maturity, being a professional, someone’s wife, an author, a future mother, etc. I was fresh out of college with a nonchalant attitude and no cares in the world. My only worries were 1. where the next party was at and 2. having the cutest outfit and shoes to party in.

They always tell us to keep the past in the past. But I have to respectfully disagree. When I see that old person I use to be, I see a young lady who wanted much more out of life but was going about it the wrong way. I see a young woman taking her time to realize what life really was about. Her journey was already written. She was just waiting to grow in it.

Listen, if I didn’t learn anything from the past, I learned today. Sometimes you do have to take a look back just to see how far you’ve come. I went from being this immature, poor, lost, partying college graduate to living living a life of better life decisions. How awesome is that? #GROWTH is the key word in all of this.

This old, yet simple e-mail address put a lot of other things in perspective. But mostly it was how far I’ve come in life. I may not have trotted along in life was fast as others. I may not have some of the finer things. I may not have the six figure salary as others. But I do have this past that shows that I’ve grown so much over the years.

Maturity, spiritually, financial, emotional, physically and family all grow. If those aspects aren’t changing in your life, then you aren’t growing. Growth is part of your life journey. I challenge you to take a quick glimpse back to see how much you’ve grown.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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