I Have All The Answers

For some reason, I get these feelings that I need to check on people. It’s always this gut feeling or urgency to call people when I’m thinking about them. The other day, I got this feeling to FaceTime my friend and check in on her. So I did just that.

I knew it! Sure enough it was something wrong. She had been stressed from work, had a small breakdown and exhausted with no energy. In the absence of her boss, she was taking on two jobs instead of one. Senior leadership put her in charge and everyone sought her for all the answers and solutions. She found herself working long hours, leaving no room for relaxation at home. While the pressure was on, the stress level was rising.

So after our discussion, I thought about everything we go through. It was simple. We try to take on so much in life. Work, home, marriage, children, church and whatever else we have going on. People come to us because they know we will get it done. We make ways when there is no clear path in site. Sometimes we just make it up as we go.

Why? What’s the reason for this? We are left with all the responsibilities and sometimes nothing to work with. But we do it. Because that’s what others expect. The answer could be because we are strong. That may seem like reality. However…. gosh darn it, we don’t know all the answers.

I can’t speak for every woman. But most of us depend on prayer. That’s it. PRAYER. Then we wait. We wait for Him to tell us what to do. We sit back and watch Him work it out.

So it’s not us. Sure, we are put a little work in. We make moves based on what’s best for our families. But ultimately, WE don’t have all the answers.

Trust me. There’s no law that says you have to. It’s ok not to know all the answers.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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