Confessions Of A Newlywed

I just had to let you guys know how blessed I am. Many times I heard about how marriage is not easy and it’s about the two of you and not just one person now. All which I have found to be true these few months. This support system that was created from this relationship has been nothing less than awesome.

Sometimes I just sit and stare because I still can’t believe that I’m married. It feels too good to be true. Yet, it’s as true as it gets. Hard to believe just a week before I met him, I was so stuck on being single forever.

While I am still a newlywed, there are a lot of things that are foreign and new to me. I was single for a while and doing things on my own for the longest. Didn’t have to answer to anyone. Never had to be responsible for another being. Someone else’s needs was not my concern. Opinions and decisions were 100% mine with the help of prayer to the big man. Being single was almost selfish at times.

That has been a huge pill I’ve swallowed almost every day. I’m not perfect. Nor am I the most perfect wife. I’m not only learning things about my husband everyday, but I’m learning things about myself as well. But the biggest thing… this thing that you guys call marriage is HARD. It’s taking me a while to get away from this single mind frame. But that’s ok. I realize that I’m not going to win “Wife OF The Year” over night. Although this is the most difficult task I’ve had to date, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Marriage… We’ve got this…. Bring it on!!!!!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?