Love Restrictions

So my co-worker thought he over heard me telling my old boss that I was engaged. If he was listening hard enough he would have really heard me say that I can see myself engaged soon.

Later that day, he randomly said “I heard you mention that you’re engaed. I don’t see a ring but I’m so happy for you. Aren’t things moving a little fast though?” I had to politely tell him we’ve been doing for six months, I didn’t have a ring on my finger becauseI’m not engaged.

He rudely replied “Well that’s good! I think six months is too short of a period to be engaged.” I’m sure you can imagine my face at this point. I was already irritated that he was being nosey.

I encouraged him not to be so nosey. I was surprised when my current boss chimed in and agreed. She told him that she and her husband only dated for 2 months before they were married. They’ve been married for 16 years. I wish you could have seen his face… Priceless!

But the point here is that love doesn’t have a specific timeframe. I know couples who dated a very long time and have been divorced the same amount of time. Even if I was engaged, it’s based on love. That’s it.

Society has set these standards for couples and love. I’m no expert. But love happens whenever it is supposed to. There isn’t a specific calendar that we are supposed to refer to. There isn’t an app that sends push notifications and reminders of where you should be in your relationship. If both of you are putting in 100% and love each other 200%, then I say go for it.

Whether it’s been 2 months/ 1 year or 5 years…. It’s up to that couple. Not some ridiculous ideal time frame that society has placed on us. Love freely with no time restrictions.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


You Got This

Lately, I’ve felt a little defeated. You know that feeling when you just want to give up all extras? I just wanted to do the minimum with no extra effort. There was no option of going above and beyond. I felt tired and overwhelmed.

Life itself is alot. We have good times, awesome memories, sad times and blank moments. I felt like I had more sad times and blank memories from trying to balance. Here I was trying to make sure I was doing Grade A corporate work. Not to mention me trying to take care of home, keep my man happy, podcast and write.

As items kept building on my plate, I just wanted to be awesome. I began to feel nervous. How? How was I going to accomplish all of this? What? What have I gotten myself into? Why? Why did I make these decisions?

The To Do List kept growing…. Work. Podcast. Writing. Relationship. Family. Home. I kept feeling like eff it. It’s not worth it. If I just give up some of these things, I can get a lot more done by focusing on one or two things.

But this voice kept whispering, “Keep going. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you. Just keep going.” Who is this and where did you come from? WHO SENT YOU? But after consideration, I thought, it was my own voice. My inner person telling me that I am destined to be great. A total badass. I’m ready to sprinkle some of that greatness amongst the world. So I wiped my tears, determined to be the best I can be. Better than I was yesterday.

Part of me wanted to keep quiet about this feeling. But this is part of my encouragement to you. There may be times when you just don’t have the energy. Mornings you just whisper “Not today Satan.” Nights when you’re weak from the day. Moments when you’re fearful of what’s to come. Decisions you’re scared to make because of the future. People who don’t support you. Co-workers who have no sense of team. Your significant other tap dancing on that last nerve. The clock running out of time. Evenings where you stare at the ceiling fan because you can’t sleep.

But with all of those feelings, advice to myself and you: You’re strong enough to get it done. You got this. 

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?