Sharing Is Not Caring

‚ÄčI’ve had this happen to me before. But I’m witnessing this more often. If you call yourself talking, dating or kicking it with someone and are intimate, please don’t do the same thing with someone in their circle.

There’s no good that comes out of sleeping with people in the same circle. I’m confused on why are y’all (yes ya’all) out here sharing each other? When did that become an “in” thing?

If we talked and you call yourself hollering at one of my girls, you are now put on the “Slim list”. That’s gross. Some of these females are out here open arms and open legs. Most of them don’t care about your health let alone their own. Diseases spread fast. I’ll let y’all think about that one. 

That goes for the opposite side too. If you are in my circle and you knew I kicked it with someone and you go behind me, that let’s me know how grimey you are.

It is not cute. It is not atrractive. Nor should it make the opposite side smile because they want to be shared. Bottom line: Don’t talk to my friends if you talked to me. 

In this case, sharing is NOT caring. 
~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?