The Rules Of Confiding

We need to be careful who we confide in. Yes, we all have those who we consider friends, family, close co-workers, etc. But we have to take a second look at whose extra set of ears we use. Those extra set of ears can easily become an extra headache in the future.

Watch out for Tit-For-Tatters. Some people keep what you are going through and  use it against your later. Let you make a mistake and make them upset and they will surely be quick to say, “Remember when you were…”

Tisk. Tisk to those Tit-For-Tatters.

Remember those who are silent. Those are the many don’t really care. It could be for several reasons. But the main reason is because it in no way, shape or form effects them. So why should they care to listen to what you have to say?

So long to those who lack empathy when it’s not impacting them.

You ever talk to someone and somehow they are the subject of the situation? Those are those others that care and turn it into it being about them. They won’t even allow you to finish your story without them interjecting with “You know that happened to me too”. Wait a second. I needed someone to listen.

Oh go on. Don’t let me stop you from telling me how you conveniently went through the same thing. *Slaps forehead.

I’m sure when you confide in someone, that means you want it to say between you two. Well multiple people who you confide in, tell such and such what happened. Yep. Don’t be so surprised. They have an urge to tell the world what you have going on.

But I bet they won’t share with the world their own.

Then there’s those who feed off of other people’s problems to make their life seem so grand. These people are all the above wrapped in one person. Sucks to be that awful person.

Oops. I forgot, their life is too grand to even care!

Only a few genuinely empathize and care to listen. No strings. No feeling of burden. No judgement. They just listen because that’s what you need… Those people. Confide in them. That is the rule of confiding.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


2 thoughts on “The Rules Of Confiding

  1. Unfortunately, I know so many people like this and they are usually the ones who share what is going on in their life and question why I NEVER engage on what is happening in my personal life. I think with time and age we get better at choosing who we let in to our circle and confide in. But I will have to disagree with the “silent” friend. I am that person, simply because I want to hear and feel what that friend is truly going through before I give them sound advice. I do not believe in talking just to hear myself talk. But sometimes certain problems can make us vulnerable and open up to the wrong ears! Beware, and stay positive!

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