Time Is Of The Essence

When it comes to relationships, I think that the amount of time you spend together is extremely important. Going on dates, asking questions, sitting at home doing nothing… all of it counts. But what happens when you spend years doing all of this and nothing happens?

I was talking to a friend today who had a harsh opinion about time frames in a relationship. He insisted that no matter how long you are with someone, it doesn’t matter.  As long as you love them. He’s with a woman for ten years on and off. They both dated other people when they weren’t together but somehow ended back together. But he just won’t make the next move to show her that she’s the one. He thinks there are other important things that he needs to take care of. But the time it takes to do it doesn’t matter.

My rebuttal: It shouldn’t take you that long to know if you love someone or if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. I mentioned that ten years plus on and off in a relationship was way too much time. A woman wants to know that she’s the one. A woman expects a man to show her that he loves her. A woman wants to feel like she’s the only important thing in a man’s life. She wants to know she adds value to a man’s life.

But the more time he offers, the more time he allows to pass by, the better chance he has of her growing tired. Her patience in waiting is going to be thin and no longer existent. She’s going to eventually get burned out on his maybe’s, his what if’s and possibilities of years from now. All because he didn’t value her time.

Us women know that there’s only so much you can tell men. As a friend, it hurts that I can only offer him the truth. It hurts even more to know what he probably won’t listen or believe that she values time and years as well as his heart.

She’s awesome. She’s awesome for him and she’s awesome enough to know that time is of the essence. Too bad he doesn’t see it.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?




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