Settling For A Situationship

Situationships seem to be the trend these days. As my single friends and I converse it’s quite apparent how difficult it is to get in a relationship. Why that is?… Hmm… A mystery unsolved. Perhaps we (not all but most) have allowed situationships to actually suffice to make us happy. But are you truly happy?

You have this guy you’re talking to has his own place, you guys text every day, he takes you to lunch/dinner sometimes and maybe you get to  point where you sleep with him. But only on the weekends because during the week he’s too busy for you. But is that all that needs to be done to win your heart?

I discovered today when talking to a friend that sometimes we only tell a portion of the story so it doesn’t seem so bad. Her guy friend is nice looking, has a car, his own place, a job and only one child. I was sold! She was in fact almost winning with just those qualifications. Let me add that it’s almost sad that we have to set those qualifications. But back to the story. After a long investigation, she goes on to tell me that he never wanted to get married, have more children and that he felt comfortable with them just being sexual partners and nothing more. This was because he was currently digging someone else but he was unsure if that person would ever date him though.

Well the most positive thing out this was that he was completely honest. But after he said that, she convinced herself that that’s probably what she wanted to out of the deal. She said she was in her 30’s and getting older and her chances of marrying and having children are slimming by the day. That, my friends, is how some of these situationships start. She’s settling for something she doesn’t really want because she has someone to talk to and sleep with (some of the time). I don’t think that’s fair to her. But maybe we have to experience a real life situationship for us to know for sure if that’s what we want/don’t want.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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