Not Guilty Intentions or Desperate Intentions…But Unintentional!

I’m so elated that I received an unexpected text this morning. I haven’t talked to this person for about a year and a half. So when I received the text, it came as a major surprise.

To sum it up, the person expressed how I inspired them and mentioned their huge accomplishment. Their first book is coming soon. I smiled with joy as I had no idea that I’d unintentionally encouraged someone. It’s always my intention to write, motivate and inspire. But for it to come unknowingly, was a different type of feeling. I knew at that moment, my efforts had not gone unnoticed. I always said that if I could encourage or touch one person, then I could be on the right track to inspire even more.

I’ll be honest. There are times when I want to play the role of Negative Nelly and complain, gripe and groan. But I realize that everything isn’t all that bad and it can always be worse. But, this is just proof that people watch you no matter what you do or say. We have to be careful in how we live and speak in front of others. I could have said something to this very same person that was negative and could have deterred them from taking a big leap of faith to complete a big accomplishment.

Now, I do see another opportunity. Perhaps, I can strengthen my inspiration skills and encourage more individuals by staying in my Write Mind. The point here is to try to always be and or set an example because you never know who’s watching. Although people may not see the true struggle in pursuing your dreams. They don’t see the hard work, long hours, stress, money and patience. All they see is that you got it done. That’s unintentional inspiration!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

P.S. Yes, the title was a intentional plug to purchase my books!

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