We Gained A Legacy

I’ve kept quiet about this only because I’ve felt uneasy. I know it’s late. But truth is, that I’m really angry. When will this ever end? Every time something like this happens, there is always some type of proof of something else to take the attention off what really happened. She did this wrong. She did that wrong. She was this kind of person. She was that kind of person. What about what the police officer who did not follow correct procedures. What about the staff at the jail who did not follow correct procedures? I almost feel lost that justice will not be served because it’s their word against what really happened.

What’s real here is that she never should have been arrested. Police officers can do what the hell they want, say what the hell they want and break any law they feel. Seems like when police officers take an oath, it’s an automatic license to kill.

I’m not saying that all police are bad. But I do think that social media has allowed us to bring light to the corrupt system. We already knew the system was set up for us to fail. But with the assistance of social media, we can spread the word farther and faster.

Sandra Bland was my Soror. I may have not ever met her before, but she left behind a legacy. The cause of death was that she killed herself. It’s just a rumor that she killed herself with a trash bag. I refuse to believe that this woman all of a sudden took her own life.

I can only continue to pray for her family and friends. To our Sorors, we lost a sister but we gained a legacy left behind.

#SigmasStickTogether #SisterCircle #SandraSpeaks #JusticeForSandy


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