Closing A Chapter For Another Book

You ever want closure from a situation but it just won’t go away? It can be a beef with someone who was once close, a past relationship, a project at work, a situation between friends, a hit to your budget or credit. It could be a number of other things. Lately, I’ve had some issues about closure.

Not to make an excuse but sometimes it’s just that difficult to let some things go. Hell, sometimes you just miss the feelings that those people or those things gave you. It was comfort in knowing you had something or was in a good situation. But what about when that comfortable feeling is gone? Now you’re stuck seeking that same feeling you had when things were good. It’s a fight and a chase. But you never get it back.

When you try to let it go, it seems to slither right back through those cracks. It’s like a weed that won’t go away because you let it continue to grow for so long. Now you have to get to the root to destroy it.

It caused me to think on why it’s so easy for things that I want to be done to be done. When it boils down to a reason, there’s only one. It’s because I unknowingly and maybe selfishly allowed things to linger for too long. This is even after I realized just how harmful it is for me. It’s easy to seek comfort in harmful things or people that a bad for you.

I’ve let open possibilities take a hold on moving forward. I was even on the verge of using them as excuses as to why I couldn’t get a bunch of things done. Blame? It’s all mine in this case.

I never understood when people said “you allowed it to happen”. Some things are just out of our control. However most things are in our control to eliminate out of your life. We’ve just allowed them to linger on just a tad bit too long.

So today I seek closure for a list of situations and even some people that seemed so difficult to get rid off. Instead of me wondering what’s going to happen next, I’m closing the chapter on some stories so that I can start a new book. All of these situations may not be as easy as throwing paper away. Some of them will take time to close. But I’ve made the decision to go down the road of closure. Hopefully it leads me down a greater path.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?