Brick Wall Of Transparency

So there is definitely an undisclosed reason why some of us are scared to open up to others. Whether it’s friendship or mateship, it’s difficult to open up to others. We always get that same bubbly feeling we get when we start to like someone or that feeling of uneasiness when we haven’t talked to a friend in a while. But what happens when you are letting someone new in? We get scared to let them in and we often never know if they will give us those same feelings.

When we open up to people, we expect them to accept what ever it is we are opening up about. We don’t want judgement, conflict or a disturbance to our relationship. Isn’t the lack of those things the reasons why we are good friends or mates? But because we DON’T want that hinderance, we build these walls up. Then we expect whoever it is that we are trying to open up to, to climb those walls with no help.

Let’s say we do decide to open up… Then we are left anticipating an agonizing wait on what that person thinks.  We all have a fear of the unknown. It’s part of being human. If we believe in God, our only option is praying about it. It’s also our job to allow that light bulb to go off in our heads. If the person receiving your truth is not willing to accept your openness, then guess what? It wasn’t meant for them to receive it.

It’s sure and guaranteed that we take this invisible punch to the throat when someone doesn’t receive us. But it’s a lesson in opening up. Your truthfulness and transparency will either be used with you or against you. Most of the time, people use your pain against you. Your flaws, your past and your stumbles all serve as fuel to those not willing to accept you.

Although we want to be open to everyone, we can’t. Be careful who you open up to! It’s not meant for everyone to know what you’ve been through. Your journey of where you’ve been and where you’re headed is not for everyone. Your story of joy and pain is not meant for everyone to read or listen to.

Most of us will continue to have that brick wall of transparency. Then some of us will learn to take the wall down. It may take us a while because it’s not that easy. I mean it is a brick wall!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

One thought on “Brick Wall Of Transparency

  1. Just like you said often times we meet someone then mistake the lust for love and open up to them, thinking that confiding in them lets them see the real You and know and understand who you are; soon as you look at them wrong (in their eyes) they go and betray you and now your damaged and hurt for the next person. This is exactly why people don’t “tell their business” to other people because it’s hard to find a loyal heart and a genuine pair of ears! A lot of women that you consider friends want to hear your pain and know your weakness so the moment they feel your ahead of them that stab you in the back! Yes I agree if can be very hard for someone to knock your brick wall down of betrayal keeps ringing your door bell!

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