Is Enough Too Much To Ask?

Thank you to one of my Facebook friends for posting this “I just want someone to see the beauty within me. I want who I am to be enough. I want all that I offer to be sufficient. Is that too much to ask?”

I just told someone that it’s difficult for us to prove our self worth to others. But we shouldn’t have to prove a darn thing to anyone. People only see the outside and don’t really care about how beautiful we truly are. We know who we are. We know what we are capable and we know what we believe. Yet, we have these people from the outside who can’t see it.

In my case, it was an ex. I tried so hard to show him that I was “the one.” He always told me that I was “the one” and that he loved me. But in the end, he never showed it. I’m a believer when you show me. There was just excuse after excuse as to why we couldn’t go to the next step. I was left wondering if I was enough.

It was quite exhausting trying to prove myself. I was tired of waiting for him to see it. I grew weary because I was always unsure. Love isn’t unsure. There should be no doubt if you love me. There should be no doubt if i offer enough.

My constant question to him: Why don’t you show me? Yet, he never did. He just always said it like it was a band-aid to keep me quiet and to hold on just a while longer. My fault came when I allowed him to continue to put the band-aid because I had that one ounce of hope that I actually was the one.

Well, we aren’t together because I wasn’t enough. I learned that although I wasn’t enough for him, I am enough period. He was just blind to see that I offered was more than sufficient. He just wasn’t willing to accept what I offered. This is quite alright. Because with or without him, what I offer is more than sufficient.

So to answer her question… It is not too much to ask. But it is too much to just give away.



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