The Value of Weight

So, it seems that my weight has kept me from dating certain people. I learned that I was friend zoned because my weight was the one and only issue. We have been friends for quite a long time, but this showed that my weight was valued more than a genuine friendship. At first I was a little hurt at the thought that my weight has been viewed as hinderance. But after five minutes, I bounced back. No matter how much I weigh, I’m still the same person that they laughed with. I’m still the same person they called when they need to vent. I’m still the same person who they called for favors. I am not nor do I desire to be anyone’s secret.

It’s not a surprise that I eat. Yes, I prefer ice cream over my veggies. But that does not mean that my life is less meaningful because I carry a higher number of fat than the next. It just means that weight reflects my expert tastebuds. I am not saying that I don’t want to or can’t loose weight. What I am saying is that my weight does not define me.

Being over weight has been a difficult journey my entire life. There’s nothing that I haven’t heard in my 30 years of life. “She’s so cute for a big girl.” “You still feel comfortable doing that with your weight and all?” Blah, blah, blah. I’m use to people assuming that I’m lazy, don’t like nice things and that I’m a bland girl because I’m fat. The look on their faces when they get to know me after they’ve already judged is quite priceless.

My weight can be corrected. But a bland personality and narrow mind can not. It’s a sad case that it went unseen. But it’s currently their issue to deal with and not mine.I am a fat girl. My weight is only a number. I know who I am and I know what I’m not. But my weight does carry more value than who I am as a person.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

One thought on “The Value of Weight

  1. Everybody has flaws, rather you can see them with a nake eye or with glasses! I have always had lighter complexed friends, which has never bother me, but I could tell my friends from my moment visitors; I have always been shaped nice, n my lighter complexed friends who where not would often be intimidated by that. I had one friend who seemed to be so secure abt herself but when we got around other ppl (guys, & this only happen once) she tried to address me as”Blacky” knowning she had never called me that and no one calls me that, but yet her calling me that grabbed the attention of the men in the room and they wanted to know more about me and over looked Her! Long short I corrected her and lwe are no longer “friends”. When your happy with yourself no one n I meam no one can’t bother you by their thoughts about you! Just because you’re heavyset doesn’t mean your not entitled to have a type or you’re limited! Dnt settle n dnt let loneliness drive you into a relationship that’s going to make you miserable! Just remember if he’s not digging you like you’re digging Him God maybe actually saving you from something and prepaying you for your king! I’ve seen so many ppl bitter after dealinb with things that scarificed their self for and wish that didn’t! Just wait and be patient God is preparing him for you!

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