I Miss My Honey: The Opportunity For Compromise

Someone I know is in a long distance relationship. She came to me and I was unsure if she was asking for advice or if she just wanted me to agree with her. It was unclear but I believe she just wanted to speak with me since I’d been in a long distance relationship before.

Her boyfriend called and said he wanted her drive and meet her halfway. The drive is  two and a half hours. Not a bad drive at all. They hand’t seen each other in three weeks. She told him no and if he wanted to see her, then he would have to drive all the way. She was unwilling to meet him halfway. All while she was telling me the story, I ran into question overload. Why wasn’t she willing to meet him halfway?

He didn’t do anything wrong. She wasn’t mad at him. There was nothing wrong with her car. He would have given her gas money. But yet, she still was persistent with saying no. Her reasoning was because it was the man’s job to come where the woman was. She was so wrapped up in the man doing all the work. Perhaps she didn’t want the relationship to work as much as he did. There could also be some underlying issues there as well.

I couldn’t imagine saying no to my boyfriend if we were long distance. It’s bad enough that they are’t close. They could try to eliminate the inconvenience and the “I miss you” factor had there been compromise. Does she not miss him?

It’s so unfair to men. Sometimes, we as women don’t think we have to meet men halfway. My long distance relationship didn’t work because we lacked that compromise. If I had to do it all over again (I don’t think I will), then I would be willing to meet him halfway. If it was me, then I would drop everything and at least meet him half way. I’m sure I would miss my honey! Sounds like she just missed her opportunity for compromise.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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