Lack of Enjoyment and Bad Experiences

This post is definitely not about food! But I have to share my thought process. So, I love to try new food. I will try most thing once just to say I tried it. I will always share my thoughts on if I thought it was gross or good. A few years ago I had a terrible experience with Boston Market. People would always recommend the restaurant or rant about how good it is. However, no matter how many times someone said how good it was, it never made me want to put down my guard and give it another try.

I don’t eat red meat or pork and someone mentioned that I should try Boston Market’s turkey. Again, I gave them this stern look with my nose turned up. This was all because I had a bad experience and it left a terrible taste in my mouth. I refused to spend my money on something I thought was gross and horrible service. But the person that was saying it, encouraged me to give it a try. I trust what they say but I was afraid to take that leap.

Today, I just so happen to drive by one and saw a sign about a special they had. I found myself turning into the parking lot. I said a little prayer before I stepped in. Let’s just say, I took a deep breath at what I saw. The employees were pleasant and I ordered the turkey while still praying about this food. I went home and enjoyed a dinner and thought about how I’d been missing out.

The point here is that we tend to let certain experiences hinder us from the big picture and enjoying the real joys of life. I judged the entire restaurant chain on one experience. Unknowingly, I realized I don’t overlook the small things often. I tend to back away from situations where I feel it may become a bigger issue. We can’t allow one bad experience to stop us from enjoying the greater experiences!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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