Go Be Ugly By Yourself

It’s weird that I saw a few posts in the last couple days about the word ugly. Some people use it when they are upset at someone as a way to kinda win the argument. Some people actually meant someone was physically unattractive.

The statement “you’re ugly” has so many meanings. But lately I found MYSELF calling other people ugly not for looks but because of their spirits. You can be the most beautiful woman or handsome man on the outside. Your fashion and dress can be the meaning of fashionista. But when you have an ugly spirit, all of the outside appearance means nothing.

Someone questioned why I didn’t continue to talk to this guy who they thought was really nice. Key word… They thought he was nice. After I said “Well, he’s just too ugly for me.” They gave me this confused look. I then explained that although he looked really nice on the outside, he was bland with no personality and had the nerve to be quite shallow. In the few conversations we did have, he constantly gave the impression that women were beneath him and that I could be his “project”.

I think I do quite well for myself and don’t need/ desire to be anyone’s project but God’s project.  He made it seem like he was the best thing that happened to me. I had to let him down hard. I pretty much told him to get over himself and that I refuse to feed into his shallow mean spirit. That was the end of that conversation.

Don’t fall into being with ugly people just for the sake of having someone. We all deserve beauty. This goes for men and women. Hands down, I would rather date someone who was physically unattractive with a great heart, kind and with a beautiful spirit over someone who is pretty easy on the eyes but is also so shallow, mean spirited, a jerk, deceitful and devilish. If you’re ugly, I just don’t have time to waste trying to make you into a beautiful person. Be ugly by yourself.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

2 thoughts on “Go Be Ugly By Yourself

  1. I really love the mortal your story; if more people valued themselves more and stop settling from what someone have verses what is really in someones heart alot of relationships would last longer! Theres a thin like between being ugly and being beautiful. Once one mature they’ll understood.

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