Night On The Town While Single

This weekend was the Employee Appreciation Gala. This year I wasn’t really feeling it and wasn’t as hype as I had been in the past. I think it was because I’d taken all of my friends, allowed them to experience it and wanted to take a guy as my date. But it was so stressful trying to get a date that would even agree to the terms of “formal wear.” I mean is it really that difficult and too much to ask for just to put a suite, or tie and dress shoes? Men create an invisible issue to dress up for once in their lives. There was my light bulb moment… If they weren’t willing to do just that simple thing for me, then is it really worth me wasting my time still trying to convince them to have a great night with me for once? Nope. Sure isn’t.

So taking a date just didn’t happen this year. I took my best friend as my date. My blog “Securing Dates While Still Single” I highlighted that my support comes from my friends. Let me just say that I had a blast with my friends. Just me and my girls laughing, eating, dancing and people watching. It made me realize that although it would be nice to have the same experience with a guy, it’s less stress and even more convenient to enjoy my time with my girls.

And by the way, I received a few text messages saying “You looked really nice. I should have been your date,” “Looks like you had a good time.I guess I missed out,” and “I could have been your arm piece for the night.”

This experience forced me to think about just who I’ve been dating. I just can’t front and say dating is easy. It’s one of the most difficult tasks to take on. But it’s these dating experiences that assist me with ruling out what isn’t right for me, what I prefer and what I don’t like. I’m much appreciative of these nights on the town while single! So sorry not sorry guys. But if was meant for you to be my date then you would have been. Maybe, just maybe, I got a little tickled that it’s come down to this…Lovely Nights On The Town While Single

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


One thought on “Night On The Town While Single

  1. Great read as always. I love moments in life where we think we’re missing out b/c we’re single but when it’s all said and done, we have more than enough with just the right ones. I say the heck with filling the void and continue to be amazing at being single and becoming one with ourselves until God says otherwise. We truly learn who we are on a daily basis. I have learned to appreciate it and not complain. I thank God that he’s keeping me from being hurt, wasting my time, being abused and so many other things.💖

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