Swallowing That Difficult Pill

This week, I’ve noticed that I’ve given out quite a few pieces of advice. Good advice, if I say so myself. I never have a problem helping others or dissecting an issue to determine a solution. My issue is that after I give my two cents, I then try to apply it to my own life. For example, I told someone this week, although we are sometimes weak, we have to keep going no matter how much we hurt.

The difficulty in this is practicing what I preach. I can tell and guide someone else all day long. I always plan on allowing my audio to match my video. Then the problem of actually carrying out the same words I just told someone else.

I truly understand this and I definitely try to live by this. But why is so hard to do? It came easy to let the words roll off my tongue to someone else. But when I felt weak in a situation I’m going through, I had to literally go back to my own words and tell myself over and over what those words truly meant.

I had to ask myself why was it easier to tell someone else. But when it came to me, it was just so difficult. Maybe because it’s easier to analyze from the outside rather than the inside. It felt like it was rocket science. I just couldn’t grasp the concept.

So from this lesson, I’m learning to take my own advice. What a large pill to swallow! But if it can heal me, it’s so worth to take it.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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