The Opposite of Needy

Have you ever had someone upset at you because you DON’T need them? Quite the opposite of someone being bothered because you are needy.

Example: You’re not pressed to spend time with someone on their schedule, you don’t wait around for someone to take action and you make moves on your own. But then you have that person that wants to come around when they want to. But when you show your nonchalant attitude, they become bothered because you didn’t jump when they said jump.

I’m one of those people that will not apologize for being busy. My goal is to keep myself busy with a balance of God (prayer and study), writing, work and any other extracurricular activity that may be going on. If a project, party, get together, job, person, etc., is important to me then I will make sure I do it. That’s part of that “people spend time and money on what they want” concept I keep telling you about.

The same with people. I’m not in the business of needing a person’s time or attention. I’m also not in the business being a needy person. When people show me that they don’t want to be bothered, its a best practice to back away. If you ask for space, I will give you double what you asked for.

Being upset because you want someone to be needy is unrealistic. This is because expecting others to always work on your terms doesn’t work all the time. You shouldn’t be bothered because someone isn’t needy. It should be the opposite.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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