Forgetting Points

Today’s conversation comes from the concept of forgive and forget. I ran across some great advice. There is only one step for forgiving and forgetting (just do it). I’ve always thought forgetting was impossible or on the more difficult task. How do you forget actions and people? I don’t think you can just easily forget.

But suppose there are some things that we can never forget throughout our lives. Imagine that remembering will help us in the forgiving department. I look at it as learning who NOT to deal with in the future. We should also learn what NOT to do the next time.

We can’t forget those who helped us in difficult times. Who was there with you when times were difficult? Those are the ones that will have your back even more when times and situations become more ideal. I wouldn’t want someone around only to celebrate the good times, when they didn’t understand the struggle during the hard times. If you supported me from the beginning, saw my struggle, encouraged me and helped me, then you deserve to celebrate with me.

There’s also those that left during difficult times. We can’t forget them either. It separates the strong from the light weights. Remembering those who weren’t strong enough to hold on is essential for recognizing those who were. Let me say that this doesn’t mean that everyone that leaves us, is their fault. Sometimes WE make it difficult for people to stick around. We treat them any kind of way or ask of them more than what we would do ourselves. At that point, then they deserve to leave. No one should stick around a situation where they are not getting what they are willing to give.

With that being said, we can’t forget those that put us in difficult times. They don’t get all the credit for lessons learned. But they sure are a big part of it. Blame shouldn’t be a factor. But in some situations, they are at least 50% of the blame. In those cases, we are too blame as well. I truly and honestly, believe we are to blame for 95% of our difficult times. The choices we make can either keep us from something or get us into something. It’s all about choices and it’s always a choice to continue to deal with people that put us in difficult times.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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