Just In Case- Relationship Insurance

I’m pretty closed about my “love life” or lack there of. I’m not a relationship expert and can only speak on my own experiences. Talking about it, is a step up for me and I struggle with making decisions on what to say and what not to say. But here goes nothing…

When we’re single, we all have that one we can go back to just in case it doesn’t work out with someone else. It’s that one person you can always call and pretend nothing happened and pick up right where you left off. All because we want that security to go back to (human security blanket).

Recently, I had a conversation with an ex that stirred up a little controversy. He’s busy with his business and asked me to allow him time to “fit me in” as he wanted to get situated with his business. My answer was NO. I’d waited long enough. If I actually told you how long, you’d think I was crazy so I’ll leave that part out. But the point is, he asked me to wait even longer. Again my answer is no and I’m pretty firm on this decision.

The issue came up when he said he was upset that I’d indicated that I was seeing someone else. Whether I am or not, I couldn’t understand why he was upset. While he’s getting his business together he’s just a little too busy than what I’m willing to deal with. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I extremely happy that he’s successful with his business. I just don’t see the point in me waiting for something I know that will not happen. A relationship requires time and he just doesn’t have it.

I asked my friend if I was being a little harsh. I even expressed that I felt bad that he was upset. However, I truly did not understand why I was bothered. We aren’t together. We haven’t been together in a while and I hadn’t planned on us getting back together. Perhaps I was bothered because I’d given so much time before and it almost felt like it was time wasted. My friend responded by saying it seemed like he and I kept each other around just in case.

“Hmph!” Followed by a few eye rolls.

But I think she is right. Why keep someone around for just in case? It’s almost as if we hold a spot in each other’s lives as relationship insurance. But this type of insurance is definitely not beneficial and needs to be cancelled.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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