Cold Temps, Warm Hearts

I don’t have much to give. I live comfortably and often don’t have too much to splurge, but still there are no complaints. Even though there are some things that I’ve had my eye on for a while, I still manage to get by without them.

I believe today’s high temperature was 6 degrees and the low was -10. Yes -10 that feelsore like -20 degrees. Before work, I caught myself being a grouch that I had to warm my car up. I absolutely dreaded going outside, prying my car door open and then coming back inside to wait for it to warm up.

But it was during my drive that I realized I had no right to be grouchy. Yes it sucks that I have to get up early to warm my car. But what about those that don’t even have a car to warm up? What about those that don’t even have a place to go to stay warm? (Insert praise break). Thank you for the little things such as a thermostat!
Because of this, I decided that although I don’t have a lot, I had to do something.I bought a bundle of hats and gloves. As the cashier rang me up, she gave me this blank stare. Maybe its because she had to individually scan them all. I didn’t care. I was on a mission to pass them out to someone who is less fortunate than me. No one deserves to be homeless and cold with no where to go.

My prayer is that other people will follow and so the same. The temperature may be on North Pole, but our hearts should be as warm as this fireplace.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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