Frequently Used Word: Loyalty

You ever have those moments when you keep seeing a word or phrase? It makes you ask yourself “I think God is trying to tell me something.” I call it frequently used words.

Well today’s frequently used word: Loyalty. Those memes, Facebook posts and tweets all have included the word loyalty. Loyal has to many meanings. But I think for most people, it means those that have had our backs, support us and have been there for us even when we were wrong.

Its the beginning of the year and most people mention how they will let people go that are not loyal to them. I agree that we should get rid of those people that mean us no good. But I also see this as an opportunity to appreciate those that have been “loyal” to us. We’ve focused much on those that aren’t so loyal to us that we’ve abandoned those that have been.

It forces me to question why we give a bunch of time and effort to the negative and not on the positive. So instead of focusing on who hadn’t been loyal to me, I will focus on who has has a positive impact. The new frequently used word will be: POSITIVITY.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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