Securing Dates While Still Single

My job has a Gala every year. It’s one of those formal, non formal company parties where everyone lets loose. This year, I’d made a decision that I wasn’t going to go. Every year, I have a good time and I’m always ready to kick my feet up, eat good and dance on the expense of my job. But for some reason I wasn’t up to it. Maybe it’s the preparation that takes place right before. You have to find something to wear, secure a hair appointment, free your schedule and secure a date…

Well maybe the securing a date is my issue. One year, I decided to go by myself. The other years I’ve had the support of my girl friends to step in and be my date. Being single has certainly come with a challenge of even having someone I can call to be my date. Really, there is always something going on. I’m always single with no male friends at all, or dating but not close enough to say “Hey, lets have a night on the town courtesy of my job.”

It’s really not necessary that I go with a someone. I’m capable of going out and partying up by myself. The idea is that it’s always good to have someone else there to enjoy the festivities.
But thank God for friends. My friends are always there willing to step up in the time of need. I’m appreciative of those moments I can look back and laugh that I was single and trying to secure dates.

Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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