Consistent Personality

“You should be the same person privately, publically and personally.”

Have you ever met someone who switches their personality at the drop of a dime? You can never tell which personality you will get. I think having consistent actions and words will allow other people to effectively gage who you truly are.

I had a conversation over the weekend with someone who blamed inconsistency with different people as the reason they didn’t trust anyone. “I wait for people to change up on me because I know it’s going to happen.” My follow up question was if I’d ever “changed up in them and why they categorized me in that group. They had no response. There was no response because I believe in remaining the same person no matter what situation.

I asked this person to really take a deeper look. You can’t categorize everyone and put them in the same group because you “think” they’ll end up being the same as everyone else. You’ll never create positive relationships with people whether it’s personal or professional. If you seek for people to do and be wrong, you will merely speak it into existence.

But my main point to them was that, actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words. They could have made a valid point if there was evidence that everyone was going to change up. It could be that they surrounded themselves with inconsistent people or maybe they were inconsistent themselves.

The fact is that if you are true to yourself and remain the same person, you won’t have the problem of figuring people out or people trying to figure you out. It’s a great pay off to have a consistent and genuine personality.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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