Forget It… I Quit

So I woke up this morning to numerous posts about a reporter who quit her job on air. Before you read this, please don’t get any impressions that I’m an advocate of marijuana. I do not smoke or drink. But I sort of admire her ambition for leaving it all out in the open. There were no questions at all about what her plans were.

However, her bravery has sparked a fire. While, I’m not so sure that I would have gone out with a bang of “Well, f*ck, it I quit!” And exits stage… She on the other hand was brave, bold and beyond unexpected at her approach.

There are times when I feel like just grabbing my things and walking out with no notice. Most says I feel like trashing the entire office just to show them how I feel. (Well it’s really a representation of how they’ve treated me). But what we do at any given moment is a representation of who we really are. This can be used for future purposes.
Is that how you want people to remember you as? When I watched thr video my first thought was good for her. She’s leaving corporate America and is doing something that will make her happy. But after consideration, I had to dig a little deeper. I hope it works out for this young woman. She could never get back into Journalism as her reputation is ruined.

I believe the bigger picture here is that she is doing it for herself. But was she trying to make a statement regarding the marijuana industry or Corporate America? Let’s just say that this has brought and will bring advertising and publicity to her organization. What an awesome way to free advertise.

Just me looking at the future, I think I would have probably gone the more “professional” route. Maybe a two week notice, maybe a glorified fake goodbye to those that didn’t see eye to eye with me. Or what about one of those pitch-in celebrations where you rarely eat anything because I’m worried about food poisioning. Ha! Naw… I’ll just take a good bye.

Let’s say it doesn’t work out for her. What will be left for her to do? Certainly not Journalism. But I’m left in complete awe. She did it and it will give more individuals the courage to say “F*ck in I quit”. As I write this, I’m working on my GRAND EXIT from the corporate world. Just kidding but not kidding!” Until then…

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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