He’s Mine!… No He’s Mine!

This morning’s blog is brought to you by some new neighbors who kept me up all night. I was sound asleep until I heard two women yelling at each other. At first I couldn’t tell what they were saying until they became louder and louder to get their point across.

The two women were fighting over a guy. Yes, a guy. In between the screaming match, I heard him occasionally speak. But here’s how the argument went….

“B!tch! He’s with me now. He’s here with me. So get back in your car because your feelings are hurt. I know. I know. But he’s mine now.”

“He’s with you now but he’ll be calling me. That’s why he gave you something you can’t get rid of. B!tch! So are you staying here with her or you leaving with me? Make up your mind.”

Just from that conversation, you can tell they went on and on about who he was with. I wanted to yell at the both of them. 1. For waking me up. 2. To tell them it’s not worth the time or energy to fight over a guy. 3. Ummm, why are you fighting if you know he’s not faithful. 4. Did she just say he has something he can’t get rid of?

My point here is that it really isn’t worth fighting. The yelling and screaming over a guy who isn’t interested in being single. But my biggest concern was that both of them gave him the option to stay. One asked if he was going with her, the other asked if he was going back in the house…. poor guy had to make a choice of which woman he wanted to stay with. What pressure…. NOT!

Going back and forth about who he belongs to shouldn’t even be an option. These ladies were calling each other out of their names and not even realizing that he’s the reason they are even arguing.

I just find it difficult to reason why it’s a good idea to wake all the neighborhoods to prove a point that “He’s mine”. If he was in fact yours, there shouldn’t be an argument about it.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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