Consistent Personality

“You should be the same person privately, publically and personally.”

Have you ever met someone who switches their personality at the drop of a dime? You can never tell which personality you will get. I think having consistent actions and words will allow other people to effectively gage who you truly are.

I had a conversation over the weekend with someone who blamed inconsistency with different people as the reason they didn’t trust anyone. “I wait for people to change up on me because I know it’s going to happen.” My follow up question was if I’d ever “changed up in them and why they categorized me in that group. They had no response. There was no response because I believe in remaining the same person no matter what situation.

I asked this person to really take a deeper look. You can’t categorize everyone and put them in the same group because you “think” they’ll end up being the same as everyone else. You’ll never create positive relationships with people whether it’s personal or professional. If you seek for people to do and be wrong, you will merely speak it into existence.

But my main point to them was that, actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words. They could have made a valid point if there was evidence that everyone was going to change up. It could be that they surrounded themselves with inconsistent people or maybe they were inconsistent themselves.

The fact is that if you are true to yourself and remain the same person, you won’t have the problem of figuring people out or people trying to figure you out. It’s a great pay off to have a consistent and genuine personality.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


Forget It… I Quit

So I woke up this morning to numerous posts about a reporter who quit her job on air. Before you read this, please don’t get any impressions that I’m an advocate of marijuana. I do not smoke or drink. But I sort of admire her ambition for leaving it all out in the open. There were no questions at all about what her plans were.

However, her bravery has sparked a fire. While, I’m not so sure that I would have gone out with a bang of “Well, f*ck, it I quit!” And exits stage… She on the other hand was brave, bold and beyond unexpected at her approach.

There are times when I feel like just grabbing my things and walking out with no notice. Most says I feel like trashing the entire office just to show them how I feel. (Well it’s really a representation of how they’ve treated me). But what we do at any given moment is a representation of who we really are. This can be used for future purposes.
Is that how you want people to remember you as? When I watched thr video my first thought was good for her. She’s leaving corporate America and is doing something that will make her happy. But after consideration, I had to dig a little deeper. I hope it works out for this young woman. She could never get back into Journalism as her reputation is ruined.

I believe the bigger picture here is that she is doing it for herself. But was she trying to make a statement regarding the marijuana industry or Corporate America? Let’s just say that this has brought and will bring advertising and publicity to her organization. What an awesome way to free advertise.

Just me looking at the future, I think I would have probably gone the more “professional” route. Maybe a two week notice, maybe a glorified fake goodbye to those that didn’t see eye to eye with me. Or what about one of those pitch-in celebrations where you rarely eat anything because I’m worried about food poisioning. Ha! Naw… I’ll just take a good bye.

Let’s say it doesn’t work out for her. What will be left for her to do? Certainly not Journalism. But I’m left in complete awe. She did it and it will give more individuals the courage to say “F*ck in I quit”. As I write this, I’m working on my GRAND EXIT from the corporate world. Just kidding but not kidding!” Until then…

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

He’s Mine!… No He’s Mine!

This morning’s blog is brought to you by some new neighbors who kept me up all night. I was sound asleep until I heard two women yelling at each other. At first I couldn’t tell what they were saying until they became louder and louder to get their point across.

The two women were fighting over a guy. Yes, a guy. In between the screaming match, I heard him occasionally speak. But here’s how the argument went….

“B!tch! He’s with me now. He’s here with me. So get back in your car because your feelings are hurt. I know. I know. But he’s mine now.”

“He’s with you now but he’ll be calling me. That’s why he gave you something you can’t get rid of. B!tch! So are you staying here with her or you leaving with me? Make up your mind.”

Just from that conversation, you can tell they went on and on about who he was with. I wanted to yell at the both of them. 1. For waking me up. 2. To tell them it’s not worth the time or energy to fight over a guy. 3. Ummm, why are you fighting if you know he’s not faithful. 4. Did she just say he has something he can’t get rid of?

My point here is that it really isn’t worth fighting. The yelling and screaming over a guy who isn’t interested in being single. But my biggest concern was that both of them gave him the option to stay. One asked if he was going with her, the other asked if he was going back in the house…. poor guy had to make a choice of which woman he wanted to stay with. What pressure…. NOT!

Going back and forth about who he belongs to shouldn’t even be an option. These ladies were calling each other out of their names and not even realizing that he’s the reason they are even arguing.

I just find it difficult to reason why it’s a good idea to wake all the neighborhoods to prove a point that “He’s mine”. If he was in fact yours, there shouldn’t be an argument about it.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

Praise Report

For years I’ve watched other people head ministries in the church. I often wondered what I would be good at or who would need my help. There’s been times when I’ve tried to find my niche in the church. How can I minister to others? How could I show God that I want to grow my relationship with Him? When would I get my chance to participate in a ministry?

The only thing I could think of was writing. But years continued to pass with me being a pew warmer. I can hold a few tunes, but the choir wasn’t for me. Counting money, teaching and ushering all sound like good duties. But they weren’t my calling.

Again, all I could think about was writing. How could I use my writing skills to serve the Lord? Certainly, He gave me the gift to write and certainly His intention is for me to use the gift He gave to me.

One Sunday after church, I was cleaning out my purse. Folded and tucked away, I found a half sheet of paper. On that paper was information about the church newsletter. A newsletter? Since when did we have a newsletter?

After asking around, I discovered that we didn’t actually have one yet. Here was my opportunity to step up. I’d been slacking in serving on a ministry. But here was my opportunity.

In the beginning, it was just me I struggled to determine what it would look like. I often questioned if it would hold up to the standards of the church leadership. I surely don’t know everything about the Bible and I was afraid that seasoned Christians wouldn’t approve of the content of my writing.

But I’m in the final stages of publishing the first issue. I’m happy to announce that I’m the Editor in Chief of the church newsletter. That’s with the help of my friend who serves as the Communications Manager. My Pastor called me and said he wanted her to help me. He knew exactly what he was doing because I think we are a great team. It wouldn’t be what it is without her help.

Now that I’m over those initial fears, I’m more confident in this ministry. My God knows exactly what we need when we need it. He knew I was searching for the perfect way to serve Him. This is truly a blessing and a perfect way to utilize my gift He gave to me toward His praise.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

Unapologetic Pt. 2

In February, I wrote a blog about being unapologetic for being selfish. Welp, months later I still feel the same way. Except now it’s more of being unapologetic to actually carrying out the act of being selfish and doing what I want.

Let me explain… I’ve been emotional about almost any and everything lately. I’m not asking for someone to console me it’s evident that some people don’t care about any person’s feelings but theirs. But one thing is for sure, I have to get out of this mentality of thinking for everyone else. Every one does not think the same way I do. To add to that not everything I do and say will be right. However, I’m no longer giving in just to make other people happy.

I’ve made too many decisions based on keeping other people’s feelings mind. It’s so clear that the people I thought were important are not and had no intentions on caring what I did and how I did it. There are just some people who will never understand what you go through and if it doesn’t effect them, they don’t care. But it boils down to me worrying about myself and making decisions for myself.

I’ve battled making all kinds of decisions whether large or small. No matter the size of a decision, I always think about how it will effect those in my circle. One example is one of those decisions was to stay in Indy. “It will be better if you stay.” Or “You don’t really want/need to do that.” But it’s only convenient because they want me to stay for selfish reasons. It’s very evident that if I decided to pick up and go it will only upset those same people who pretend to care. Not because they really will care that I moved. But they will be upset that I won’t be able to do for them if I was stay.

I say this to say that I recognize that people pretend how important I may be to them. But conversations, text messages and interactions tell the real truth as to how they feel about you. I’d rather for people to be up front about what they care for and what they don’t. I don’t really engage in beating around the bush. Actions. Communication. Consistency.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m growing into a “No cares given” mentality. I can’t really be definite about what direction I’m going. But I can be definite about recognizing who and what I’m unapologetic about.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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