The Value of A Moment/Memories

You ever have that one person or situation you think about but it’s almost all bad memories? It makes you wish to never think about it or them. How can something fill your memory bank with all bad memories? It’s because we didn’t take the time to think of the good memories. We should invest in creating great moments. But life can bring us some icky lemons. It can defintely happen. It’s happened to me before.

When I first meet someone, my intention is to take time and get to know them. The same for when I enter into certain situations. It’s during this time frame that I determine if I want to develop a deeper relationship. This goes for romantic relationships as well as friendships. If you show me that you are worthy of my time, then I will continue to get to know you. The same goes for me. I can only expect that people treat me the same way.

The problem comes when you get to know someone and discover it was a total waste of time. I can only hope that I can make good memories with anyone I come in contact with. Bad memories make me feel like valuable time was wasted. I remember the quote from Dr. Suess “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. This goes for all moments in our lives and is so true. But I wanted to hit on those moments with other people.

I do not want to be loaded with a bunch of nonsense and bad memories of people. I would hate to be that person who left bad memories with people. My foot print should be memorable, alive and have sunshine. Leaving trails of mud is not my kind of walk.

But in life we all have some bad memories that we’ve gone through. There are plenty of dating stories I could share. Or those individuals who I thought were friends turned out not to be so friendly. What about those customer service encounter that turned out to be the service from hell?

All I’m saying is that I don’t want to remember the bad about people and situations. I want to remember the reason I wanted to get to know you. Not the reason, I dread seeing you out in public.

The point here is to leave people with good memories of you. Don’t waste people’s time and expect for people to say good things about you. What kind of memories are you leaving people with? I want to create remarkable memories instead of horrible nightmares.

We must realize the value of moments and memories. We have to try and make every moment a good memory… I’m busy trying to leave golden footprints.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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