Does Turning 30 Make You More Emotional?

I swear I feel like that moment I turned 30, any and everything makes me wonder. There’s a feeling of sensitivity to any and everyone. I know I’m supposed to feel more free, wiser and thoughtful. But my gracious, I feel like I’m over analyzing everything. It was so easy just to say yes or no. Now, every decision is a long drawn out process and I find myself growing discomfort at decisions I would have easily made in my twenties.

I had to laugh at that last sentence. I made a lot of dumb decisions in my twenties. But I regret nothing. But what I do miss is that carefree spirit. I wasn’t so emotional about things being together or things being right. I was more concerned with just getting it done.

What happened to that attitude? Did it just easily slip away as I slept on my 30th birthday?  Perhaps I’m just going through a transition stage from twenties to thirties. Maybe this transition stage us allowing me finally gush our those last minute twenties thoughts to make room for more mature 30’s thoughts.

I just turned my nose up so that I wouldn’t slump into another emotional state. What was that about? A few weeks ago, I would have made that statement and perhaps just keep it moving. Everyone has said that the 30’s will be the best years. But so far, I’ve been on this emotional rollercoaster that I hoped would end soon. Maybe because it’s only been a few weeks and I haven’t gotten use to being so senstive. So for now, I will continue on this journey of being more enlightened and selective on the decisions I make.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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