I Told You So

You ever feel like people who know everything always have a hand in someone else’s problem? They feel entitled to tell everyone “I told you so”. But they haven’t quite grasped that they need to tell themselves.

“I told you so” is a phrase that I can’t bring myself to say. Not that I’ve never had any encounters where I didn’t want to say it. But my issue is, we have to allow people to learn some things on their own. We have to be consumed with what we have going on in our own lives before we start telling him and her what they have going on.

This all came from this conversation I had this morning. It bothered me to no end. The person was telling me a story and said they couldn’t understand why a person did what they did and they put themselves in a bind….. blah, blah, blah. But after analyzing the situation, I realized their situation was not quite perfect for them to judge the other person. NONE of our situations are perfect to judge others and what they have going on. 

We sometimes judge people and their situation because we haven’t found ourselves in that position. We can’t say what we will or will not do until we find ourselves in those shoes. I wanted to tell that person to water their own grass before they try to plant a seed in their neighbor’s yard. But I didn’t want to waste time in trying to convince “Know It All Betty”. I’ve learned that you can’t argue with people who think they know everything and know what the best solution is.

Another thing I’ve learned is giving advice should be limited. Don’t just give advice on any and everything. Furthermore, don’t just say it. But give the reason why. People are more open to taking advice when they know why. Give the most concrete background to support your reasoning.

But my main point is to let people live. We all have a different path in life. But you can’t walk your own path if you’re too busy trying to step foot on everyone else’s path. You’ll ruin your shoes quicker that way. We do not know it all and there is a slight chance that our opinions are not always a solution.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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