You Are Not What You Attract

This past month has been quite eventful. I’ve networked and met some interesting people. With me promoting my books and trying to establish a career in writing, it is important for me to network, mingle and meet new people. While I have met some people that are worth my time, allow me to address those that didn’t make the cut.

I absolutely hate when people say that you attract what you are. This statement couldn’t be any more true than water is red.  As I get older, I tend to be more open to the world we live in. Open mindedness is part of being well rounded. But what I won’t conform to is the idea that the type of people I attract is the same type of person I am. This goes for both friendships and intimate relationships.

When you’re getting to know someone, there are certain characteristics that you have in common. Then there are some areas that you will differ. In the beginning,  all I ask for is consistency and to bring to the table what I bring.  If it’s friendship, please let it be a helping hand, a word of advice, an extra ear or tissue. If it’s an intimate relationship, let it be your own place, a job and a vehicle. These are just the minimum. Of course there are other things I would like for you to have but let’s just start off with the basics and go from there.

I take friendship seriously and you probably won’t be able to get in good if I can’t take you seriously.  If you are carry inconsistent behaviors or your actions don’t match up with what you say, please don’t plan on us being close. Further more,  if you tell me all of Susie’s business, I won’t be able to count on you not to tell Susie all of MY business. On the intimate side, I can’t count on you providing for me, if you fail to provide for yourself.

With all of this being said, I am clearly aware that no one is perfect. I’m NOT perfect and I have my own downfalls. But I would like for the people that I am interested in engaging in to at least bring equally what I have brought. Even better, if I bought the table, bring something else for it. There should be a purpose of us working together. You shouldn’t just want to be on my team because you liked the way the table looked. Add something to it!

So please cut it out with the “You are what you attact business.” It’s so not true. I know what I am and what I strive to be and some of these individuals that I’ve met don’t even come close.

~AM I N_My_Write_Mind?

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