Love Lessons 101

So of course I had to get the new Marsha Ambrosia album. Let me just say that I am a fan. It’s all about love! But she has a song called “Love”. I am on love’s side. Hopeless romantic? Maybe. I think it will come eventually. The song urges to let love in. But I sometimes find it hard to just let love come in. After all the heartbreaks, I started to think I could avoided those by not being so free.

So many times we (well me/I) make wrong decisions about dating or who we let in our circle. What are these decisions based on? I believe it’s solely based on how we feel at that moment. If I’m feeling all lovey dovey, of course I’m on a mission to find love. Then comes that feeling….”Oh dear. Why did I ever even give that person a chance?” The highs and lows of love are just life.

Maybe problem is me think I have to try just to see what happens. This could possibly be my trouble. Ignoring all the signs because I just wanted to see what happened. I take that back, I didn’t ignore the signs. I saw them. I even pondered about how to get around them. But I ended up right back where I was.

With all of that, I need to learn to let love in when it’s the right type of love. I’m ready to take a lesson in love. Love Lessons 101: Recognize and don’t ignore the signs.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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