Ha! I just posted about how my poetry wasn’t all that great. I’d been working on one just for today. This may be one of the only ones I share. Remember, I love poetry but it’s not my specialty. Since today is Independence Day, I thought I’d share a few independence ideas. Not just Independence Day. Enjoy!




I am me, us and we.

I am willing to eat from the tree

of life. I am dynamic all by myself.

I create a high, yet obtainable shelf

of my heart, laid out for others to take a piece.

I pray, strive for blessings, prosperity and increase.

I choose to stand alone with no help

but often I find myself saying welp…

I couldn’t rely on anyone else but I. Not us and we but I.



No. I will not be pushed aside while you unintentionally or intentionally

remind me that you tried to beat me mentally.

No reason to think your skin tone, occupation or wallet width make you superior.

No. I will not let you beat me down about my exterior

No. I can not allow you to ask for money, my time or a favor

Ask me again to sign your life waiver.

Because I stand alone, the answer is no.



Do me a favor and knock it off. I mean this nonsense

You tried to fill our minds with illegitimate contents.

Do realize that I’m far too intelligent for you to beat me in monopoly.

The insult and paid of such a mockery.

Is too much to bare.

You see… you’ve put me in this formed square.

Do give me the benefit of the doubt.

The more you push me, gives me the more reason to pout.

Do allow me to prove to you that I’m not a misfit.

Hmph, I realize you just want a remense of my lipstick.



Exhibit always good grace and posture.

Exhibit the brightness of my day and politeness

while keeping the comments in the workplace lightless.

Exhibit the world and corporate America,

that you know how to maintain that image of hysteria.

Exhibit the difference between content and advantage

Eventually I will learn how and when to manage.



Priceless is that moment when we legalized

our so called freedom and the intent of equalize.

Priceless is the thought that my heart is far richer than my outside shell.

Priceless because I stand alone and no one can tell you different.

But your intent has nothing to do with my intent.

Priceless is that idea that I need anyone

Priceless is that moment when I’m in my own zone.



Exclusive is the path to my love and my heart.

You’ll never have it all because it’s so complex like abstract art.

Exclusive are the resources, they don’t want you to have to gain knowledge.

They’d rather us as a group jump off the ledge

Exclusive is the media to shed light on the positive

and those of us who want to use cognitive


Exclusive is me, myself and I discriminating

against those that mean no good.

Exclusive is the idea of me articulating, that I’m eliminating

those that call themselves making me exclusive to them.



Neutral is the side for those who free ride.

But if I was forced, I would continue to choose my side.

Neutral is what they want us to think they chose.

Neutral is what you chose through the highs and lows.

Neutral is that moment when you’re indecisive

Because you are too busy being precise and righteous.

Neutral is where I won’t be because I stand alone.



Decide what you actually believe in and what builds your character.

Of your life, who is your director, editor and narrator?

Decide what ruffles your feathers or in line with your objective

Decide the right people to connect to; effective

to your purpose

Decide who you call a friend and those qualified to loan.

Decide why you stand alone.



Equal are the individuals well organized

Equal are those not formalized to glorify

Their own selfishness.

Equal are those comparable and uniform,

willing to a likeness to conform and perform

Equal is a matched purpose and motives

Equal is because I stand alone and I notice



Non conventional is your own creativity and creativity.

Non conventional is your individual productivity.

Non conventional is relativity what you make it.

Non conventional is non complacent.

Non conventional is taking advantage of self what you have to offer.

Non conventional is a energetic show stopper.


Confidence is boldness and fearlessness to be daring.

Confidence poise, spunk and non comparing

Confidence is tenacity, self-reliance and coordination

Confidence is sure and hiding your frustration.

Confidence is certainty, precision and representation.

I am confident because I stand alone.


Extraordinary is me because I am Independent:

I am me

I know how to say no.

I do.

I exhibit

I am priceless

I am exclusive

I am not neutral

I decide

I am equal

I am non conventional

I am confident

I am extraordinary.


~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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