I Love It, But It’s Not My Specialty

The rule of life is to not compare yourself to others. While I agree with this, I did realize that comparison is sometimes needed for reality. Before you get your underwear in a bunch and tell me how much I’m wrong, let me explain.

I consider myself a writer. Whether I’m writing a novel, a blog, a short story or poetry, it’s all writing. But with writing, I just don’t think you can be an expert of all genres. I’m only speaking about my circumstance. I do however believe that you can have a love for all of them.

I scrolled through Facebook and watched countless videos about writing. But not just ordinary videos. These were people performing spoken word. I love poetry and spoken word. I’ve even dabbled in a little. But have yet to find that voice. All of these other courageous individuals have taken on a stance to publicly share their rhyming words and critical thinking concepts.

As I continued to watch, I mumbled “God, these people are good. What they are saying matters!” After I was done, I went to my iPad to work on some pieces. But I became frustrated because my mind keep wondering to fiction writing. Fiction… Character building for the next novel.

I kept asking myself why I couldn’t focus on poetry. I was so into perfecting a genre I wasn’t so good at. Those videos were inspiring me to write something great…. However, what I came up with was not quite as good as the videos I watched.

I know what you’re thinking. Why is she comparing her work to others? I don’t look at it as comparing. I discovered that I have a great love for poetry and spoken word. I’m intrigued by word play and critical thinking. But my real passion is fiction. This encouraged me to focus on my specialty and that’s fiction writing. I will still continue to write all genres because I never know what may become if it. But I will always put more energy into fiction writing. It’s my true love. I’ll just sit back and enjoy listening to other people’s spoken word. I love it, but it’s not my specialty.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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