Bucket List On Pause… The Importance of Writing Goals

Today I saw a writing prompt about “Bucket Lists.” I made a so called bucket list but called it “My Life To Do List”.  My list consisted over 100 of my life long things I wanted to do and accomplish. Some items were as small as eating at a specific restaurant or buying an item for my house. Other items were big items such as visit another state or country.

I was upset because after a while, I lost track of the list. I kept it in one of my journals. But I believe during one of my spring cleaning episodes, I may have shred it in error.

When I saw this prompt, it made me think about my list. I thought about how it was once so important and precious to me. Thinking about this prompt forced me to reflect on that list impacted my daily routine. Although, I don’t have the list anymore, I wouldn’t want to say that it isn’t as important now. I may not be able to remember all of the items listed, but I know I’ve completed some of them. One of the most important was to write a book. Not only did a write a book, I wrote 2 and working on my third. That wasn’t mentioned to boast. It was mentioned so that I stress the importance of writing goals down.

I wrote my goal and put a time frame on it. My ideas were written down with the initial idea of “someday.” Then the word someday became an actual date. My biggest fear is failure. So when I set dates, I pushed myself even harder.

But now that my list is gone, my life to do list was on hold with no ideas and no dates. I’ll have to start over. But when is starting over ever such a bad idea? Hopefully, I can think of items that I haven’t accomplished and maybe even add more to my list! Thank you writing prompt… My bucket list is no longer on hold.


~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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