“You Don’t See What You’re Leaving Behind”

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately. Much needed by the way. But as I reflect back to what an ex said to me “You’re moving on but you aren’t seeing what you’re leaving behind”. My response was that if in fact I don’t see it then that’s my issue I would have to deal with.

If I was making a mistake by leaving him behind then that would be a mistake I would eventually learn from sooner or later. You know that quote “People come in your life for a reason or season”? I think that fits here. I actually think it was only for a season to teach me a lesson. 

I could have placed all of the blame on him as to why the relationship didn’t work. But instead I took full responsibility in saying if it’s me then its me. I’m the only person that will have to live with a bad decision. The hardest decisions are almost always the best life decisions. 

Instead of creating a problem, I actually created an opportunity. My opportunity to fix what in fact could be wrong with me. I would NEVER say I was perfect and that my life is perfect. But I will say that I thought I gave 100% to someone who only gave me 20%. Simple math. It just didn’t add up. I realized that after years of trying to make it right, it probably shouldn’t have tried so hard for something I knew wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t until I was uninterested that he wanted to work on things. Sorry, he missed the train.

The lesson here is to give 100%. Give your best. If you don’t get 100% back then it just won’t work with such a big gap. I could have been wrong in not giving it another chance. But because I gave 100% and didn’t get anything back, I just didn’t have the time, patience or energy to give one more chance. 

So if I didn’t see what I left behind that’s totally my bad all the way.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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