Unapologetic For Being Selfish

It’s only February and I’ve gone through a lot just in these few weeks. I’ve learned that I’ve put unnecessary time and energy into people and things that just don’t matter. On too many occasions I’ve given excuses based on how others felt.But that’s not how it should be.You just simply can’t make everyone happy. The only person that matters is making yourself happy. I really have to keep that in mind

I’m not in a place where I can help other people the way I want to, but I pay it forward in time, lending an ear and lending a shoulder. But tonight someone made me realize that no matter how much time and attention I give something or someone, I can’t get that back. Wasted time, is just that… WASTED! 

With me trying to work on so many projects, I don’t have time to waist. Every second counts. I can’t afford to respond to irrelevant situations. No point in trying to use the small amount of energy I do have on non sense. Many times I’ve prayed for things to go my way. But the reality is, I’m too focused on making my plan work. I shouldn’t be me working on my plan. It should be me working on God’s plan. 

This is my confession to myself…. It’s not worth the worry. So I’m unapologetic if I let a situation go or if I let someone go. I’m no longer holding on to stragglers. Either get on board or you’ll get left freezing on the bus stop. 

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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