Understanding Why People Cheat

This isn’t for every cheating situation, it’s only for some. Although people may think they have valid reasons for cheating, I can not bring myself to say that it is ok. Do you believe in “what you won’t do, someone else will?” For some reason, I do believe this is true. I despise cheating but I do understand when some people step out. The person cheating? Well, I think they are just in search for a missing piece of the puzzle.

Let me explain…If you go searching for something, you will eventually find it. Not matter what you think you are missing in a relationship, there’s always someone who is willing to go above and beyond to satisfy whatever need you are missing. But does that rectify you stepping out? Does this give anyone a reason to cheat? Nah! Not so much.

Let’s say you’ve told your significant other what the issue was and they ignore it. The simply carry on as if it’s not an issue. That’s how some cheating situations start. I believe if they don’t address your concern then someone will come behind them and address that same issue. Definitely not saying it’s right but it happens.

No one is perfect and you will never find someone who will meet 100% of your needs. By the way, if you have met someone who is perfect with no flaws, you might want to run as fast as you can.

So while I understand how it can happen, I just don’t get the real reasoning for stepping out. If you are in a relationship that is missing something so important that you have to step out to get it, my recommendation is that you probably shouldn’t be in that relationship. Find someone who can fulfill your most important needs.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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