The Song Says It All-Back It Up With Actions

I’ve always been a fan of music. It brings a sense of therapeutic relaxation. There have been days when I just pick a certain song or album and my day becomes better. Whether I’m listening to the upbeat jams of rap or R&B or the smooth tick of jazz, I’m always bound to find an instant relief of worry.

Recently an old friend has been sending me songs. Some of which are religious and some secular. The only problem is I cant decipher if its his way of telling me how he feels. I’m a big fan of communication. If this is his way of communicating, I’m not sure I agree. While the music part definitely gets my attention, the lyrics are confusing. Are you sending it because you just like the song? Are you wanting me to critique the musical value? Do you care if I add the song to my collection? Or are you sending me songs because you can’t fully communicate what you really want to say?

The words in songs are so powerful. You could be telling someone how much you love them, how much you hate them or that you simply just want to dance. My problem is that music always curbs my mood. So if you send me a song that is talking about love, I’m going to feel all mushy inside. But I’m also thinking in the back of my head about what it really means.

So if you send me a song, make sure you can back it up with action. Otherwise, it’s just a nice song with nice lyrics and possibly a nice mood!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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