“Oh son, I don’t think I like her”… Meeting The Parents For The First Time

We’ve all seen the movie “Meet The Dockers”. It put such a comedic spin on how awkward it really can be when its that time to meet the parents.

I had the joy of talking with a friend who was nervous about meeting the parents for the first time. Although I know exactly how she feels, I laughed to myself. I remember meeting the mom of an ex. There was a winding spurt of nervousness and a flood of doubtful thoughts. What if she doesn’t like me? What if it becomes awkward because we have nothing to say? 

I knew he was a mama’s boy. But I hadn’t realized how much until after the initial meeting with mom.  Anything she asked, he did. I couldn’t remember a time when he told her no. Needless to say, I tried my best to show her I was best for her son. He’d told her everything about me. The entire night she asked me questions, cracked jokes and I did the same. I thought we’d hit it off. On the way home, I just knew she was going to call him and say how much she liked me…. Oh how wrong I was. I guess the mama’s knows best syndrome kicked in. He kicked me to the curb a few days later.  His mom said she didn’t like me. His unwillingness to make up his own mind, supported the mama’s boy in him. All the thoughts she fed him made me angry at first. Before she had even met me she said had too much going for myself. Then she didn’t like that I didn’t have children and he really needed to find some who already had children because mothers understand children are more important than being happy in a relationship. But I seemed like a really good girl. Just not for him.

Why did she pretend to like me when she really didn’t? I really hope you can picture my stern blank face as you read this…. this really did happen. How embarrassing. The entire time, I’m trying to make her happy because I knew how important she was to him. But that just shows that you can’t make everyone happy. I can’t lie, I was unhappy at first that someone would say that. She tore down a layer of my self confidence. However after careful consideration, I took it as her not wanting to let her son down so hard. Maybe ahe was protect his feelings by saying “you’re not up to her speed” in a nice way….. yeah let’s go with that. Lol.

But I also believed it was a waste of time. If she already had it made up in her mind that she wasn’t going to like me, then he could have spared all of our time. Meeting the parents is a pivitol moment in relationships (or in my case) lack there of. I was myself and being myself was all I had to give. I was glad that he let me go because I was unwilling to put up with mom feeding him thoughts and him not being able to make up his mind.

So while we are extremely nervous and trying our best to make a good impression, some parents have already made up their opinions. Just be yourself becuase that’s all you can give.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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