Aren’t We Too Old To Be Playing House?

I overheard someone ask if she was too old to be playing house with her boyfriend. My silent response: Absolutely.

I mean really? Come on. I understand there are some people that prefer not to get married. They like having “permanent roommates.” That is perfectly fine if that’s what the both of you want. But if you are the only one signed up with the intention of getting married and he did it just to make things easier, I think this is a conversation you should be having. Clearly the both of you are on different pages.

You’ve signed your name on a mortgage and a car note with someone you planned on being together. Why not make it mandatory that you get married and make it official?

I’m not a fan of shacking. I cringe at the words “Let’s move in together.” Is that truly the next step nowadays? To me it seems more common than not. Call me old school. I thought it was friends, courting/dating, engagement, marriage and then move into together somewhere between engagement and marriage.

But who am I? I just thought if she had to ask herself that question then the answer would be yes. Yes, you are too old to be playing house. We played house as children. Once you’ve reached the point of making conscious decisions, then the idea of playing house should not be an option.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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