The Nosey Factor

There are a lot of things I go through.  I try not to stress, complain or even tell the world each detail of my problems. But yet, the point of blogging (well my purpose) is therapy. By writing I’m able to cope with the uprisings and downfalls of life.  However, it’s difficult to blog while keeping a positive view on my world and not telling ALL of my business.  I want to tell the world of when I have bad moments and more so good moments. My issue is I want to make sure I don’t spill the beans on my entire life story. Somethings I just have to keep to myself and God. I wanted to post a blog at least once a day. However, I find it difficult when I have an encounter with someone and I don’t want them to be offended that I talked about our situation. Or what about my love life (sometimes non existent). I would rather not tell the world of our rollercoaster we call “dating”. 

Then there’s always that nosey factor. People may read your blog, follow you and befriend you on social media just to be nosey. They try to read you and learn all about your life by rumaging through your statuses, photos and blogs. The nosey, unkind individuals will use what you post and try to turn it into what isn’t. You may post “Today was an awesom day”. Then the nosey crowd comes and tries to explain why they thought you said “Today was a horrible day.”…….Trust me it happens. I’ve had someone follow me and tell someone almost an entire year of my life based off what they saw on social media. The sad part is the person they were telling the information to…. well, they were close to me and knew that the life I had with this person pieced together was truly fictional. It was clear that they only knew me in the cyber world and had never had a conversation with me. They were just being nosey and I’m assuming had nothing better to do than make up fictional events and thoughts about my life.

The point is, you can’t get to know someone by what they post of social media. While I may post my random thoughts, questions and events, it’s not a place where you can truly get to know me. I don’t always post about my life situations. I may post about my thoughts on someone else’s situation. But every little detail will not be disclosed. As a blogger/writer, I ahve to keep some details out. It just goes with the territory.

My life is more than what I post on my blog, my website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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