Comment: The Gateway Button To Hurt Feelings

You remember when you were told if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all? Our parents and elders repeatedly told us this but we never really paid attention. Today as I was scrolling through some posts on social media and I realized that we and yes I said “we” can be inappropriately cruel to one another.

Cyber cruelty is on a totally different scale than in person cruelty. Our cruelness is turned up a few notches for several different reasons. The main reason is because we can fool ourselves into being more mighty than we actually are. Secondly, we can reach a broader audience using social media than in person. What does this mean? It’s spread faster than the realistic speed of light. Which in return, is more mighty than traditionally spreading the word.

I read an article about a young girl who posted something about the world being 2014 years old. People, who had no idea who she was, were commenting on her post which was not clearly thought out. One of the less harsh and mild comments included something like “dumb, ignorant ass black girl”. I was bothered by this comment not because it seemed just a tad bit racist. But because apparently she wasn’t black. They had no idea what race she was but instead they commented.

Does this make them just as naive as she is? She made an unreasonable comment then a stranger posts and even more foolish comment. Social media mixed with the comment button is a gateway people getting their feelings hurt. It’s like a cycle. First, someone posts on their own page. Second, other people start to unwind all their day’s anger and opinion on someone else’s posts. Then the cyber world is stirred up by a ruckus from strangers being angry.

We don’t have to like or agree with everything people say. Heck, there are way too many factors that affect our thought processes for us to agree with every post. We just can’t agree 100% of what people post.

After all I thought social media was where people can be themselves but with minimal filters. Right? So why don’t we light up on the comment button? Save it for spreading good word instead of putting strangers down because you don’t agree.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

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