Help Others

You view an e-mail that asks you to help a family. Someone posts on social media a request for help. There’s a man standing outside the grocery store begging for money.

Each time I see this, I feel obligated to help. To know that someone doesn’t have the bare minimum is frustrating. A reason why a family won’t have gifts at Christmas or food on the table is disheartening. The only problem is, I’m not in a position to help. I don’t have the resources to play out all of the ideas I have running through my head that would end, decrease and eliminate these problems.

I want to be in a place where I can help others. Its been on my heart but I just don’t know how. I tried it through my writing but sometimes I feel I’m not even reaching one person. The feeling of doubts repeatedly hovers over the thought of can and will.

My first thought was to reach at least one person and I’ve done my job. But my thoughts are much bigger than that. I want to reach thousands. I want to be able to help someone at the drop of a dime without any hesitation.

Until then, I’m creating the ultimate plan. Right now, I may be starting off small. However, until I reach my plan of being able to help everyone, this void in my heart remains unfilled.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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