I Can. I Will. My 2014 Story.

Last year, I challenged 2013 to be better than 2012. I’m going into this expecting 2014 will be even better than 2013. In my New Year post “Beat That 2013”  I wrote…. “With everything that has happened, I challenge 2013 to be an even better year than 2012. Hello, 2013! I hope you are up for the challenge! I won’t make any resolutions because those tend to fade away. However, I will make a promises. I promise to grow my relationship with God, be more giving, more attentive and more conscious. I promise to just love and live life more than I did in 2012. Beat that 2013!”

Did the challenge work? Well, this is my recap:

What I accomplished:
A closer relationship with God and a more personal prayer life
Obtained a Master’s degree
Published a book
Started a business
Survived a minor surgery
Survived my hair growing process
A small promotion

What I learned:
My opinion isn’t always needed and can get me in trouble
The true meaning of seasons
How to forgive
When to let things go

When to let people go

The pain I go through doesn’t last always

Although I strive to be the best person, I’m so elated that I’m not the same person I was even last year.

I may not have all the money, the power or fame but I still have me. I’ve been kept this entire year. There were ups and downs. I loved, disappointed, argued, socialized, spoke truth, laughed, cried, was sick and ran out of patience at times. Losing some people, being in awkward situations and uneasy decisions may have just been the worst part of the year.

So with this recap, all I want to say is look at God! Thank you for keeping me and I thank you for the opportunity to make 2014 even better! So to the year 2013: Thank you for challenges, choices and victories. To 2014, I dare you to show out and exceed how good 2013 has been to me.

I Can. I Will. End of story.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


Help Others

You view an e-mail that asks you to help a family. Someone posts on social media a request for help. There’s a man standing outside the grocery store begging for money.

Each time I see this, I feel obligated to help. To know that someone doesn’t have the bare minimum is frustrating. A reason why a family won’t have gifts at Christmas or food on the table is disheartening. The only problem is, I’m not in a position to help. I don’t have the resources to play out all of the ideas I have running through my head that would end, decrease and eliminate these problems.

I want to be in a place where I can help others. Its been on my heart but I just don’t know how. I tried it through my writing but sometimes I feel I’m not even reaching one person. The feeling of doubts repeatedly hovers over the thought of can and will.

My first thought was to reach at least one person and I’ve done my job. But my thoughts are much bigger than that. I want to reach thousands. I want to be able to help someone at the drop of a dime without any hesitation.

Until then, I’m creating the ultimate plan. Right now, I may be starting off small. However, until I reach my plan of being able to help everyone, this void in my heart remains unfilled.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

What Do You Want For Christmas?… My Grown Up Letter To Santa

The million dollar question for the past month:What do you want for Christmas?

What a difficult question. Its not so much difficult because there aren’t numerous items on my “Wish/Want” list. It’s simply because I’m really not in the Christmas mood this year. Maybe its because I don’t have any children. There’s not tree, no long list of gifts to buy and no motivation to even make people aware of what I want. But since I was just asked the question, I thought I’d write my letter to Santa. So here goes my adult letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,
As you know, I’ve had a pretty good year. Between you and I though, I had a few hiccups. You know that one thing I did? Uh nevermind. *inserts giggles…..But I’m back to being on the straight and narrow. Don’t let that stop you from putting me on the good list.

To save your time, I won’t run down this three page wish list of mine. While I have a bunch of material things on my wish list, there’s really just one thing on my list. Can I get a extra bag of Joy? I have my joy and I try not to let people take it. But my heart is so heavy that at times that I’m afraid that my joy may be easily taken. It shouldn’t be that easy. It can’t be that simple for something or someone to over power my joy.

Oh Saint Nicholas, please don’t take this as me not being happy. I’m quite happy and I’m pretty blessed with everything I have. I’m just asking for a little extra bag. Maybe I won’t ever have to use it but I just want to have it in case of emergencies.

I don’t think that its a lot to ask for. Now if in case you can’t pull any strings with the man upstairs, you can let him know I truly understand. I just thought I’d ask. Because hey, the answer will always be no if you don’t ask. *inserts wink

A woman who has truly been good this year!

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?

Love/Hate Simultaneously



Question of the day: Have you ever loved/hated someone at the same time?

Is that even possible? I do believe its possible. I’ve never actually hated someone but I do believe it can happen and happens often.

Maybe you love the person but you hate the acts performed by the person. Which in returns makes you hate the person after the fact. I love you but I hate the way you do this, this, and this. I’m annoyed by what you do, not who you are.

Not to get to scientific on you, but hate is brought on by an evil passion. That’s right a passion. But I think of passion as a positive aspect. Well, not when it comes to hate. Through God’s eyes we are to love one another as He loved us. But the varied personalities can drive you to dislike someone so much to the point where you believe that you hate them. Both love and hate are emotions.  Both light some type of fire to your heart.

What or who have you loved so much that you did any and everything to keep it? This includes evil doings. What have you done to keep something/someone you hated away? We’ve all been there. But just remember that thin line between love and hate has become as thin as a slice of paper.

Although you may feel passionate love, hate can appear simultaneously. There should be some type of balance.  This is what the line is for.

Bottom line is be aware of how thick or thin your line is.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?