Is it called missing the ex or just boredom?

Yep. Just had a moment when I had a flashback of all the memories and good conversations with the ex. We laughed,  planned, loved and cried. But did all of that mean we were meant to be?

Not really. Things just didn’t go as we wanted them to or how we planned. It stings…. no, no, no… more like hurts a whole lot to let someone go who meant a lot. Sometimes I want to call him up and tell him I miss him. I wanna ask if we could create more good times. But the fact is that it’s too late.

We both missed the opportunity. We both didn’t put in enough effort to make it work. So while I’m sitting here bored, I think of things to say just to spark up a conversation.

But if I wasn’t bored this wouldn’t happen. I would be on my merry way writing, spending time with friends or working on my relationship with God. I have plenty to do and more to think about but it was that one moment that was a tear jerker!

Although there were some good times, I still have to reflect on why we are exes. It just wasn’t good enough to remain. It wasn’t meant to be. I have to keep that in mind before I go back just because I’m bored and think about the good times. This time the good just didn’t outweigh the bad.

Sorry, boredom stikes again!