Please Excuse My Impatience Pt. 2

Hi! Its me Impatient once again!… This is a follow-up from a previous post “Please Excuse My Impatience”. A conversation between me and a person close to me sparked my need to recognize that I am in fact still impatient. 

In the previous post I wrote, “I become so impatient that I don’t wait long enough for God’s answer. Or as my friend suggested, I’m too busy trying to configure my own solution that I didn’t hear God’s answer. So what’s my problem? What makes me so impatient where it effects my level of trust? That I can’t answer. It could be the reason that I have the need to control every aspect of my life. Maybe it’s because if I want something done, I do it myself. I just can’t pin point the reason why.”

I told my friend that we are both Leo’s and its in our nature to want to control. We have a tendency to move on fast if others don’t work or think in the same matter as we do…. sometimes it sucks being a Leo.  There’s just that urge to want to rush and do things our way. When in fact, we should learn to let others take control.

So thinking of this, the next time I want to rush and do things my way, I’ll try my best to just sit back, be patient and watch things unfold as they should.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


One thought on “Please Excuse My Impatience Pt. 2

  1. I have to agree with you 100000% we get so used to things happening when we want and how we want. Im learning and praying that I have to let go! Its in God’s hands and where I think Im ready for whatever it is now….God knows Im truly not ready. So I say lets keep praying and keeping the faith….The virtue of patience!

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