Am I Not Worth More?

Let me tell you about my job search journey so far. I went back to school so that I could start my career and be on my merry way. Well that’s how I envisioned it. But that’s not exactly how it’s happened.

I graduated with a Master’s this January. But I started searching for jobs in October. The first job interview told me they were actually looking for someone with more experience… I’m a recent grad. Of course I don’t have any. Then my second interview was merely a punch in the throat. It would have been a perfect opportunity had it not been a pinch above minimum wage. You mean to tell me I’m only worth a little above min wage?

In between these job interviews, I’ve gotten hundreds of rejection letters. Most of them saying thank you but no thank you. I even get discouraged by the minimum requirements of 5 years of experience on job descriptions. I don’t even waste my time.

Although I may be experiencing a low point in my job search, I remain positive in knowing my opportunity will come at the time. I never understood how we can all go to school, obtain these expensive degreee and then remain unable to use them. If that’s the case then education should be free. I’m paying an organization just for me to be another job seeking individual.

I know my worth and will not allow a company determine my worth by what’s listed on a paper. Until then, I’ll keep searching. I know I’m worth more than what’s being offered. It’s just a matter of me finding that opportunity.

~Am I N_My_Write_Mind?


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